eXceed 3D Cloud-basierte Aligner-Software für Kieferorthopädie- und Zahnarztpraxen

Installation Tips:

To install the software, please use your personal eXceed login and password details. If you do not yet have an eXceed account and simply wish to experiment with the software, please use demo@exceed-ortho.com as login and demo as password. You need to be on-line to complete the initial login but later can work both in on-line and off-line modes.


The software includes two eXceed Rx and two eXceed Tx samples. All cases can be found in the "Demo cases" section.


In case a Firewall software is installed, ensure that: i) port 20124 is open; ii) protocol is set on: "TCP"; and iii) "in/out traffic" allowed.


Hardware requirements: a dedicated video card with DirectX 11 and Pixel Shaders 3.0 support.


Mac Configuration - the eXceed software was tested successfully on Mac Pro with ATI Radeon HD 4670 256 graphic card, Parallels (last version) and Windows 7. The graphic card must support Direct X11 and Shader 4.1 or above.